LB Jewellery is an independently owned business based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by designer and jewellery manufacturer Marlena Kearney.

Since studying Jewellery Manufacturing in 2018, I became fully captivated by the jewellery making process and the freedom of self-expression that comes with wearing and creating intimate objects that are made to last.

My artistic practice is personal and ever-evolving. By using timeless jewellery silhouettes, I draw upon inspiration and influence from my Fijian heritage, counter-culture and the natural world to create Pound pieces that pay homage to an integral part of my identity for wearers to enjoy.

With a focus on environmental sustainability, each Pound piece is crafted by hand, made to order and produced in my home studio. Due to the nature of this process, no two items will ever be the same, making your jewellery piece entirely unique.

I thank you for supporting my small business.